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At the heart of every lasting connection lies

effective communication.


What I Can Do For You


I resolve conflicts by understanding their dynamics and root cause, and by giving you mediative instruments to tackle them. 


I audit communication dynamics and make them more effective by aligning what is said and what is heard, and by removing frictions. 


I unblock teams by surfacing their dysfunctions and by containing their potentially toxic components. 


I help building great company cultures that rely on honesty, trust, care, cross-sharing and mutual empathy and accountability. 


I enable cross-functional work by creating common ground and common purposes, and by restoring the paths to healthy conversations. 


I facilitate collaborative handling of difficult conversations and dispute by creating safe environments where all parties feel safe to express their views and concerns. 


I can coach executives to make their communication more effective, relatable, mindful and motivational.


I help companies leverage the advantages of a diverse, multi-cultural workforce by leading cross-cultural, multinational trainings focusing on successfully collaborating across the human spectrum.  


I believe with Brene Brown that “clear is kind“, and that empathic understanding and clarity is a foundation to well-functioning organizations. I therefore facilitate the creation of processes and mechanisms that build the communication muscle around those principles.  


I make sure changes created by my work are lasting and become sustainable “business as usual” by creating and helping write durable processes, mechanisms, team charters, communication tenets, people or leadership principles, engagements models, etc.


I also offer refreshers trainings, “train the trainer” trainings to further embed changes into the DNA of the company.  

Integrated Consulting and Mediation



I am Mirella.


I am passionate about bringing in my tools and competences to solve problems companies have with their greatest, but most complex and fragile asset: humans.


I have successfully helped out many companies getting the best from their workforce and talents (ask me for references).


My unique superpower is to (re)build connections between people.


Contact me and let me convince you that I can unlock your company potential.

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